Dental Sleep Medicine

is a focus of dentistry where dentists and physicians work together to help patients with sleep disordered breathing. This is accomplished by using oral appliances that are designed and approved for treatment of sleep disordered breathing. Primarily these oral appliances reposition the mandible slightly down and forward to help open the airway.

Establishing the ideal mandibular position for each patient is essential for the success of the oral appliance as an effective treatment method. With the best position established an accurate, reproducible bite registration is maintained for the lab to reproduce a precise construction of the chosen appliance.

Functional Orthodontics

is an area of orthodontics that focuses on properly developing maxillary and mandibular arches, proper alignment of the mandible in relationship to the maxilla and alignment of teeth. The alignment of all three components is essential to success. An accurate, reproducible bite registration is crucial to accomplishing this. The Andra Gauge™ is the best vehicle to deliver this bite registration; it will easily lock in place the desired anterior-posterior, vertical and sagittal positions.


TMD refers to temporomandibular joint disorder. This is a common disorder that occurs when there is dysfunction in the temporomandibular joint, muscles of mastication and associated muscles or a person's bite. TMD presents itself with a myriad of symptoms from headaches, earaches, and facial pain to clicking, popping or locking of the temporomandibular joint. Dentists who treat TMD work to achieve proper function in a person's TMJ, muscles and bite. The Andra Gauge™ is a useful vehicle to assist these dentists in capturing the best bite registration of the mandible in relationship to the maxilla that would aid in the treatment of this disorder.

Neuromuscular Dentistry

Is a focus of dentistry that establishes a precise bite relationship for a patient creating proper muscle function and a healthy functioning temporomandibular joint. This is achieved through the use of various diagnostic tools. The dentist who provides neuromuscular dentistry would benefit from the use of the Andra Gauge™ by being able to accurately capture a reproducible bite registration that replicates the best bite found to create the harmony between: how the teeth come together, proper muscle function and healthy joint function.


In dentistry occlusion refers to how the teeth come together when the mouth is closed. Any area of dentistry that establishes occlusion would benefit from using a bite registration gauge that helps translate the desired position of where the teeth should come together. The Andra Gauge™ provides this help; with stability, accuracy, and reproducibility, allowing the dentist to dial in and lock in place an anterior-posterior, vertical and sagittal position of the mandible in relationship to the maxilla. The Andra Gauge™ allows for a bite registration that translates the desired position the occlusion should embody.

Athletic Performance Mouthguards

Dentistry has expanded to provide measurable benefits to Athletes. Aside from protecting teeth and preventing concussions, dentistry now has the technology and science behind it to provide athletes with performance enhancing mouthguards. This improves athletic performance through neuromuscular alignment of the mandible in relationship to the maxilla. The Andra Gauge™ assists in the ability to obtain and replicate the best bite registration. This position can now be reproduced in the lab to ensure accuracy for the performance mouthguard.

Andra Gauge™

Obtain the BEST Bite Registration

The Andra Gauge™ is a disposable bite registration device that allows the practitioner to easily control a patient's mandibular position in a relationship to the maxilla to accurately obtain the best bite registration. Any focus area of dentistry that obtains a bite registration relationship between the mandible and maxilla will benefit from the use of the Andra Gauge™.

The Andra Gauge™ is the only bite registration device that can hold the position of the mandible in relation to the maxilla in 3 dimensions. The ability to dial in and lock in place the anterior-posterior and vertical positions while providing a precise positioning of the sagittal movement makes it the ideal vehicle for capturing the best bite registration that is precise, accurate and reproducible.


Obtaining the best bite registration the first time is now simple, accurate and reproducible with the Andra Gauge™

Please scroll over the Andra Gauge™ images below to see how it will save you time and resources.

  • Anterior-Posterior View


    • 0mm is edge to edge
    • 7mm anterior
    • 5mm posterior
    • Total A/P range 12mm
  • Sagittal View


    • 0 is midline
    • 3mm to left
    • 3mm to right
  • Vertical View


    • 2mm is minimum vertical
    • 7mm additional vertical movement
    • Total Vertical range 9mm
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