Instructions for adjusting outside of mouth

Step 1

Dial in the desired Anterior/Posterior, Vertical and Sagittal position outside of patient's mouth that was determined by preferred modality. (ie: Radiology, Anatomy, Electrodiagnostics, Pharyngometry)

Step 2

Lock in the position outside of the mouth.
(Sagittal position does not require locking.)

Step 3

Insert the Andra Gauge™ into the patient's mouth aligning the center mark on the maxillary tooth cradle with the midline of the upper anterior teeth and place lower anterior teeth into the mandibular tooth cradle.

Step 4

Remove Andra Gauge™ from patient's mouth.

Step 5

Apply a small bead of bite registration material into the gap formed by the maxillary and mandibular tooth cradles. Allow the bite registration material to setup. This provides extra support between the upper and lower cradles of the gauge.

Step 6

Apply bite registration material to the upper portion of the bite fork. Apply enough bite registration material to compensate for the desired vertical position.

Step 7

Apply bite registration material to the bottom of bite fork.

Step 8

Insert gauge into the patient's mouth by applying to the upper teeth first by aligning the center mark of maxillary tooth cradle to the upper anterior tooth midline.

Step 9

Advise Patient to bite down into mandibular tooth cradle with lower anterior teeth. Have patient hold bite position until registration material sets.

Step 10

Have patient open mouth and remove Andra Gauge™.

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